Budget Floats

A range of budget floats made with modern components incorporating nylon or plastic fluorescent tips and base eyes.

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Dumpy Bodied Wagglers

Available in one size taking 6.5 grams, an ideal float for fishing up in the water at range.


Sensitive Margin Wagglers

A sensitive float with a thin bristle tip, ideal for spotting delicate bites in the margins.

Trent Trotters

Based on the Trent trotter designed by Billy Lane, the first English world freshwater champion, for fishing shallow swims on the river Trent. Still an effective pattern for its original purpose, but also a good choice for ‘up in the water’ pellet waggler fishing when a more sensitive tip is needed.

 Still Water Darts

This sensitive still water float is ideal for detecting the shyest bites when fishing light.