Float Making Kits and Materials

It could be said that the only thing better than fishing with a hand made float, is fishing with a float that was hand made by you.

On this page you will find everything you need to make your own hand made floats from a full float making kit to individual float making materials.

I use everything on this page in the construction of the floats I make to sell, so you can be confident of the quality and suitability of all materials.

Float making kits will usually be sent by second class Royal Mail parcel post. Large orders may be sent by 3 to 5 day courier.

Float Making Kit

This float making kit contains everything you need to make a box full of floats.

As well as reed, cane and balsa bodies, this kit contains sundries such as float eyes, paint, thread, glue and varnish as well as a booklet of tips and techniques.

The kit contains the following:

  • 20 x sarkanda reed,
    2mm. to 5mm. diameter,
    150mm. length
  • 10 x wire float eyes
  • 10 x plastic waggler eyes
  • 6 x assorted balsa bodies
  • 4 x cane stems, 3mm.  diameter, 150mm. length
  • 4 x cane stems, 4mm. diameter, 150mm. length
  • Whipping thread
  • 10ml. walnut wood stain
  • 10ml. waterproof varnish
  • 10ml. white paint
  • 10ml. fluorescent red or orange paint
  • 10ml. fluorescent yellow paint
  • 10ml. aliphatic resin
  • Paint brush
  • Float making guide

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Float Making Kit Without Printed Guide

If you have already bought the guide on Amazon or just want the float making materials, this kit has the same contents as the float making kit above, but without the printed guide.


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Sarkanda Reed

30 pieces of sarkanda reed, length approx. 150mm. Diameters from approx. 2mm. to 5mm.

Pack contents (sizes approximate):
5mm. x 10
4mm. x 10
3mm. x 6
2mm. x 4

The 5mm. diameter is ideal for making waggler type floats.
The 4mm diameter is suitable for the stems of bodied waggler / antenna type floats.
The 3mm. and 2mm. diameter is ideal for the tips of insert waggler type floats.

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Balsa Float Bodies

A mixed selection of six drilled balsa float bodies. Sizes and styles may vary from those pictured.


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Cane Stems

A pack of 10 cane stems approximately 150mm in length in 3mm. and 4mm. diameters.

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Wire Float Eyes

A pack of 10 wire eyes for whipping on to the base of cane floats and quills.


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Plastic Waggler Eyes

A pack of 10 plastic eyes for the base of reed and balsa floats. Available in two sizes.

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Float Paint

Water based float paint in various colours, supplied in a convenient 10ml. bottle.

This paint is designed to be over-coated with waterproof varnish.

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Walnut Wood Stain

Water based wood stain supplied in a convenient 10ml. bottle.


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