London Patent Tapered Quills

These floats are known by several names such as ‘tip-capped float’, ‘London roach float’, ‘London patent quill’ and more recently, ‘Naiads’ taken from a description of them by H.T. Sherringham in his book ‘An Open Creel’.

Typically these floats measure between 5 and 7 inches (12 to 18 cm.) depending on the quills I have available. If you would like them in a particular length or have other requirements such as a painted tip or different thread colour, I will do my best to accommodate your requirements and  you can contact me using information on the contact page.

About London Patent Tapered Quills

While most styles of vintage floats can be reproduced using the same techniques as more recent traditional floats,  the iconic tapered quill floats made in London up to the early 20th century were made using goose and swan quills that had been treated using a special patented process.

They were very expensive to buy, being described by the early 20th century author H.T. Sherringham as costing twice as much as a good cork float. Whether this was because of the time and difficulty making them, or due to scarcity as the process was kept secret is not recorded.

Information about the special process used to prepare the quills is hard to come by  as these floats have not been made commercially for over a century. There is some information in old fishing books and it is also hinted in some sources that processes similar to those used to temper quills for writing, such as ‘dutching’ were used.

Aafter several years refining techniques for the preparation of quills, I am now able to produce replicas of these floats with some consistency.  Click any picture on this page to see a larger image of some of the tapered quill floats I have made recently.